Student-Loan Debts Rising Fast For Arizona Graduates

Student-Loan Debts Student loan debt is a serious issue going on in this country, and Arizona is slowly becoming one of the hardest hit areas when it comes to this issue. Five years ago, roughly 50 percent of students graduating from Arizona’s state universities were burdened with student loans, now that number has grown to 60 percent and the amount borrowed has risen sharply as well, according to new data from the Arizona Board of Regents. Graduating seniors now have an average student-loan debt of $22,758, Read more [...]

Student Loan Debt Growing For Graduates Around The World

Student Loan Debt Growing Student loan debt in America has grown to an astounding $1 trillion with more than 7 million borrowers in default, according to reports from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But student loan debt isn't just an issue happening in the United States, with students in countries like Japan and Britain taking out loans to finance their higher education. But students in America do borrow much more than their counterparts around the world. One reason why American students borrow more is partly Read more [...]

Reasons Why You Should Consolidate Your Student Loan Debt

Consolidate Your Student Loan Debt Consolidation might sound like a completed system that's hard to understand but it's quite simple actually. Essentially, consolidation your student loans is similar to refinancing. You go out there and obtain a new loan, then use that new loan to pay off your old loans, and you just pay off the new consolidated loan instead. It might sound like a lot of work but this process can be extremely beneficial to students struggling with repayment. Here a few facts about consolidation. What Loan Can I Read more [...]

Reforms Could Help Drive Down Rising Student Loan Defaults

Student Loan Defaults The Department of Education recently released a report that showed that for the sixth straight year, student loan default rates have gone up. Those defaults are not just a report on a piece of paper but an actual college graduate that's struggling to pay back the money they loan out to pursue a higher education. The cohort default rates calculates what percentage of students who borrow default on their loans over a certain period of time. That rate of time is two years and takes into account how Read more [...]
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